Extra Help

Below are some suggested activities and materials to accommodate students for the summer reading activities.


Part 1) The Immortal Jellyfish

  • Instead of doing the nonfiction reading assignment on Formative, students can complete it on a printout. These are available on the webpage. Students will still need a device to watch two Youtube videos and view an animated infographic.

  • Audio clips of the text read aloud are available here: www.wms1s1b.org/readaloud

  • A similar text that is on a much lower reading level can be found in the Kindle book Immortal Animals (copy of chapter available here). This may be good pre-reading.

Part 2) The Fourteenth Goldfish

Part 3) The Summer Reading Challenges

  • The Filmmaker Challenge and the Maker challenge offer workshops in August that students can sign up for. Go to the website to sign up.